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[Artist] KAIA

KAIA is a Canberra-born; Melbourne-based emerging Dream Pop producer that lived her first 17 years in a cult that believes all world governments are under Satan’s control and condemns oral sex. This antithesis of a stable adolescence shaped KAIA’s sound – an alloy of sweet and sincere vocals and lyrics, wrought by extraordinary self-production.

KAIA’s incredibly layered vocals and melodies explore the depths of her upbringing and transition into adult life, just breaking through the surface when her peers had already reached shore.

KAIA is the Sirens’ song heard by the sailors in Homer’s Odyssey – lured into shipwreck, before being devoured moments later.

KAIA’s self-titled debut EP will be released on 11.08.2017, preceded by a single ‘Know Myself’ on 21.07.2017.

Says KAIA: “‘Know Myself’ touches on the push and pull of relationships with in my family. Leaving the cult I was raised in and still being tied by unrequited love to my (still practising) family members who brought me to that place allows complex emotions to flourish. Simply: there is love, but there is also resentment. This song is probably my favourite on the EP, because it explores both sides of the coin.”


[Release PR003] Various – Marks Of Provenance I

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