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Artist: Sandy Hsu - Sandy Hsu is a Melbourne-based singer-songwriter, producer and multidisciplinary artist. Sandy creates a lyrical [..]

ARTIST: Imogen Cygler - Imogen Cygler is an emerging contemporary composer, producer and performer. Imogen is classically trained [..]

ARTIST: Lack The Low - Lack The Low is the project of Melbourne-based multi-instrumentalist and composer Kat Hunter. Never [..]

ARTIST: Arrom - Arrom is the solo project of Melbourne based songwriter and producer Melissa Vallence. Arrom [..]

ARTIST: Lortica - As Lortica, Sydney producer Alister Hill has been quietly creating beautiful soundscapes from the [..]

ARTIST: Aphir - Aphir is the surrealist electronic choral project of songwriter / producer / engineer Becki [..]

ARTIST: Scattered Order - Over the last four decades, Scattered Order have continually defied the expectations of their [..]

ARTIST: Kris Keogh - Kris Keogh is an Australian musician and producer from Arnhem Land in the Northern [..]

ARTIST: Morgan Heenan - Morgan Heenan is a Melbourne based composer and producer. Inspired by the interfaces between [..]

ARTIST: Ahm - Ahm creates evocative dance-floor oriented music, combining rich textural elements with intricate rhythmic interplay [..]

ARTIST: Shoeb Ahmad - Shoeb Ahmad offers a rich and extensive background in Australian music, creating idiosyncratic music [..]

ARTIST: Lovely Head - Lovely Head is the solo project of writer, singer, and producer Vivian Huynh (formerly of [..]

ARTIST: KAIAR - KAIAR is a Canberra-born; Melbourne-based emerging Dream Pop producer that lived her first 17 [..]

ARTIST: Paneye - Paneye is Will Beauvais Treffry from Sydney Take a train to the Blue Mountains, stop [..]

ARTIST: Medicine Voice - Medicine Voice is Sar Friedman from Sydney. Sar Friedman has been singing, recording and touring [..]