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[Letters] A Letter from Medicine Voice on ‘The Roman’


‘The Roman / Crossing The Fourth Threshold’ is the new single from Medicine Voice, the second track to be singled-out from the album ‘I And Thou‘. To mark the moment, Medicine Voice offers up a film by Louisa Clayton and Kevina-Jo Smith, the visual accompaniment to the audio movement. And in doing so, Medicine Voice would also like to say a few words. As follows.

Statement by Medicine Voice

“Be not afraid. Open wild prayer is definitely permitted. Needed. Often omitted. But brought back by the wild and wise. Again. And again. Arriba y Andele!” Clarissa Pinkola Estes

The collaboration between Kevina-Jo Smith, Louisa Clayton and myself was an amazing experience.

I love Kevina’s art. It speaks to me so deeply, so intrinsically. I had a wild idea to see if she wanted to collaborate on a video for The Roman. It flowed so seamlessly. Then connecting with Louisa and seeing the amazing work she and Kevina have been working on together. The stage was set to actualising the vision for this video.

It was a powerful opportunity for us to come together from our different artistic backgrounds to create something very intentional. We were all on the same page around capturing and honouring little nature rituals and how this could be a prayer, an offering to a world gone mad.

I was particularly interested in exploring a prayer and ritual taught by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, (which you can read below) as a call to action for global solidarity and prayer with Standing Rock. Standing Rock being a beacon and a symbol, for all of Mother Earth. I am doing my bit to not lose hope. To stand gently and powerfully in solidarity with the earth, with nature, and for all beings everywhere who are vulnerable. I want my thoughts and actions to contribute positively in some way to protection and safety. To inspire Awe. Connectedness. Forgiveness. Wisdom. Surrender.

I would say that my work, my music, my art is not performance-based. It will always be offered as a meditation, a contemplation , a mystical musing that is relevant and personal to me. It’s life. My wish is that by seeing this you will find a special meaning that speaks deeply to your soul and that it may plant a seed that will bloom and grow for the good of all.

I hope you enjoy this open wild prayer of mine.

With love,
Medicine Voice

The Old Ritual

First go wash your face clean, no makeup, no cologne. Wash your hands also. Let your hair loose. Do not comb your hair. Wear no jewellery. No scent. Have no symbols around you.

Go out under the sky, pick up earth of your land where you live.
Hold the earth in your hands, and pray
for good to come from bad,
for honour to come from fear,
for purpose to be made clear from adversity… for all persons in our world, and for yourself,
that challenge give us clarity, even more Love,
more Hope, more Good, more Honour,
more Clear Purpose.

Say /pray/sing/silence your true self toward these in your own way, in your own words , including silence, one of the greatest forms of prayer.

Pray hard. You know the difference.

When you feel you are done for now, close your prayer by taking a bit of water and mixing it with the earth you’ve prayed into. Rub this earth on your face.
Wear this. The sign that you have prayed with Creator, with Mother, with Water, with Earth.
For you are the Heart aFire, your breath is the Air.

Teach others to pray this prayer in full, in the old ways, the old ways that so many when their cultures were destroyed, lost. But can and will find again now. You lead the prayer for your own. In Beauty it is made. In Beauty it is finished.

Be not afraid. Open wild prayer is definitely permitted. Needed. Often omitted. But brought back by the wild and wise. Again. And again.

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