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[Letters] All our records take flight.

This is The Second Letter from Provenance, delivered on the day that our fledging family takes its first steps outside of our cocoon and ventures into the world, wide-eyed with hope. The audacity of hope!

Three of our Records, The First, The Second and The Fourth, are all now available, all over the world, wherever you buy your music. iTunes, Google Play, Bandcamp, Amazon and so on and so it goes. You’ll find them there, waiting to be loved, yelping to be taken home.

The First Record is, and always will be, I And Thou by Medicine Voice. Freshly anointed as FBi Radio’s ‘Independent Artist Of The Week’, The First Record finds Sar Friedman recruiting the mighty Oren Ambarchi – oft found working with the equally mighty Sunn O))) – and drummer, composer, engineer Joe Talia. It is an album of electronics, hypnotic tones and ecstatic acoustics, or as Double J called it “slow-motion existential pop, bridging the mystical and the minimal”. Lyrical words, targeted with laser precision.

I And Thou, aka PR001, can be yours right now via: Bandcamp, iTunes, Google Play, Juno and others. It has also been deliciously baked on vinyl (shipped with download card), via Bandcamp (best served for our fellow Australians), or our new Greedbag store (for the rest of the globe).

I And Thou will be performed live, marking the launch of The First Record, wherein Medicine Voice will be joined by friends and special persons at The Factory Floor in Sydney on Friday August 12. The Facebook has all the answers and the tickets.

The Second Record is Desertism, a record made by Paneye. The name may be shrouded in mystery to you, but to others it is the stuff of legend. Seemingly unbeknown to the rest of us, Paneye has racked up over 150,000 streams and downloads on the Free Music Archive. Who knew? What gives?

Truth be told, and it should be, Paneye (he of the knitted mask above) has been making music on the outside for several years, self-releasing from his own web site – a micro world inhabited by people that he calls ‘The Butter People’. Slippery folk. Provenance nudges Paneye gently in the light with Desertism – an evolution from his lo-fi ambient adventures into a song-based psych-folk universe. A tentative step out of the shadows. A reconnaissance mission to another world. Or, if you prefer, “a blending of acoustics, ambient and lo-fi all stirred smoothly together – stunning to hear”. So said Tuning Into The Obscure. Acclamation!

Desertism, which is PR002, is all for the taking via: Bandcamp, iTunes, Google Play, Juno and friends.  Or if you, like us, still admire the siren-like warmth of the cassette tape, there are a number now available (shipped with download card) on Bandcamp and Greedbag stores.

The Fourth Record is I Fought The Style by the all-powerful Spartak, a name to be shouted from the mountain tops. Tangents members Shoeb Ahmad and Evan Dorrian have been broadcasting tweakers rock, jazz abstraction and minimal electronics for best part of ten years. A long time. They know what they’re doing. They have shared stages with My Disco, Lucky Dragons, Shigeto, Gold Panda, Mark Pritchard. Fun times.

For the new EP, they’ve upped their quotient to a quartet, welcoming the talented Matt Lustri (Cracked Actor) and fellow Provenance family member, the blinding light that is Aphir. And the cherry on the pie is additional production from glitch pioneer Oval and Melbourne producer Kangaroo Skull (Rohan Rebeiro from My Disco). How many more reasons for consumption can we construe?

I Fought The Style, decreed correctly as PR004, can be geo-located at: Bandcamp, iTunes, Google Play, Juno and all the places all over.

Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Don’t plan it. Don’t wait for it. Just let it happen.

And so it goes.

Love always, Provenance.

The Postscript: Elsewhere you can find The Soundcloud, The Facebook, The Instagram, The Mailing List.

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