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[Letters] Medicine Voice launches The First Record.

Recording music and releasing records involves a great deal of alone time, confronting your creativity in a space where there’s no one around to care. But at the cessation of such activities, we finally roam free, tentatively checking to see whether anyone has secretly fallen in love with us.

That opportunity is offered to us tomorrow (Friday 12 August) when Medicine Voice launches her album I And Thou, The First Record on Provenance, the one that will forever bear the mark PR001.

Medicine Voice will be joined on stage at The Factory Theatre in Marrickville, Sydney by friends and special guests Kell Derrig-Hall (The Singing Skies), Ben Morgan (Service Bells) and Ben James (Terza Madre) with supports from  Melodie Nelson, Provenance label-mate Lovely Head and Melbourne artist Magic Steven. Could it be magic? Yes it could. Tickets from and on the door

I And Thou can be yours on vinyl, shipped with download card, via Bandcampor our UK Greedbag store, or on digital via BandcampiTunesGoogle PlayJuno et cetera.

As the saying goes, one man’s shoebox of mixtapes from yesteryear is another man’s goldmine. We are sure “they” have said that at some point in the circle of life. As Lortica, we find Alister Hill discreetly constructing soundscapes from the tired remains of such old cassette tapes, augmented with the happenstance of found sounds.

Lortica writes tracks using an omnichord, piano, synthesizer, samples and fabricated trombones, before wrestling the source material into a punishing ordeal of pitching, stretching and heavy effects treatments. We adored his debut album Mialle Tapes released on Phinery and Feral Media in 2014, and are likewise smitten with the follow-up Phellemens, which we will be releasing on Provenance as The Fifth Record, PR005, on 26 August 2016.

Watch the video for ‘FL II’ from ‘Phellemens’ on The Youtube.

Prior to the release, Lortica has the great honour of supporting the perfect storm of Severed Heads and Phile at Freda’s in Sydney on Saturday (13 August). More words on The Facebook.

We leave you with good news –
That gum you like is going to come back in style.
Love always, Provenance.

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