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PR016: Shoeb Ahmad – “quiver versions”

A prime crop of experimental and left-field Australian artists remix songs from Shoeb Ahmad’s candid and captivating album “quiver”.

“”quiver” is raw emotion harnessed and vulnerability explored. At a time where acceptance and empathy is needed the most, this album is crucial” Weirdo Wasteland

“a moving, intricate record, made singular by its tender, sometimes gut-wrenching, vulnerability” Gusher

Shoeb Ahmad bared all with the release of “quiver” – her tome to the complexities of life and acceptance. Built upon the trinity of identity – gender, race and religion – Shoeb mapped out a narrative that reflected on her state of mind, familial truths, social disconnection, relationships and personal politics with words that can change from delicate to fierce with the flick of a tongue.

Previously only available on a Limited Edition 2CD release, “quiver versions” features 11 re-workings of album tracks from a collective of experimental and left-field Australian electronic artists. Featuring: Spirit Bunny, Jasmine Guffond, Wives, Hence Therefore, Erasers, Naif, Tilman Robinson, raven, Aphir, MP, Maria Moles.

Released 28 June 2019 on Cassette and Digital.


1. “lope” (Spirit Bunny)
2. “romance” (Jasmine Guffond)
3. “washed air” (Wives)
4. “pinpointed” (Hence Therefore)
5. “silhouette” (Erasers)
6. “mask-ed” (Naif)
7. “status anxiety” (Tilman Robinson)
8. “low contrast” (Raven)
9. “rinse” (Aphir)
10. “unwoven” (MP)
11. “villagers son” (Maria Moles)

Artwork by Adam J Bragg

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