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ARTIST: Sebastian Field

Sebastian Field is a seasoned musician with more than 10 years of experience composing, performing and touring original music. 2019 saw the release of his debut solo album Picture Stone, an expansive excursion into experimental songwriting, populated by polyrhythmic melodies, specular atmospheres and ethereal vocal auras, characteristics all of which have made him popular in his hometown of Canberra. Somewhat of a left turn, 2021 sees Field releasing his sophomore album Sandcandles – a collection of electronic and avant-garde compositions, some of which date back as far as the early 2000s. When asked as to the conceptual underpinning behind the release, Field speaks forthrightly on healing from trauma and the need to be honest with one’s self. ‘I feel this is a body of work that is connected to me deeply, developmentally speaking, and I need to release it. It’s like it’s attached to a time in my life that I’ve processed and moved on from and even if it might confuse any fan base I may or may not currently have, I have to let it go’, says Field. ‘Music for me is about maintaining a healthy relationship with my creative self and this stuff is cluttering the shelf, so to speak. I am happy with it but it’s definitely time for it to fly the coop.’


PR019: Sebastian Field – Picture Stone
PR020: Sebastian Field – Picture Stone Remixes
PR022: Various – Marks Of Provenance III
PR032: Various – Marks Of Provenance – Textures
PR034: Sebastian Field – Sandcandles
PR041: Marks of Provenance V
PR043: Sebastian Field – Prescients EP
PR050: Marks of Provenance VI

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