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ARTIST: Shoeb Ahmad

Shoeb Ahmad offers a rich and extensive background in Australian music, creating idiosyncratic music over the last decade. Using guitar, keyboard, voice and electronics, Shoeb works both as singer/composer and improviser when performing solo and in collaboration.

Shoeb has released a diverse range of original music while also working on sound design for dance/theatre, installation pieces and contemporary chamber composition, inspired by 20th Century avant-classical works, Indian ragas and minimalist electronic music.

Shoeb has performed throughout Australia, Japan, New Zealand, the UK and the SE Asian region as a solo artist and with groups such as Sensaround, Spartak, Tangents and the Australian Art Orchestra.


PR014: Various – Marks Of Provenance II
PR016: Shoeb Ahmad – “quiver versions”
PR022: Various – Marks Of Provenance III
PR032: Various – Marks Of Provenance – Textures
PR036: Shoeb Ahmad – Facade

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