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Aphir is the surrealist electronic choral project of songwriter / producer / engineer Becki Whitton.

Influenced by 17th century vocal music, dreamscapes, and the catharsis brought about by screaming words of devotion into a wall of noise, Aphir’s songs are set in a world apart from the one we wake up to.


PR003: Various – Marks Of Provenance I
PR008: No Muse
PR009: Twin Earth
PR011: Can’t Comfort
PR014: Various – Marks Of Provenance II
PR021: Your Heroine
PR022: Various – Marks Of Provenance III
PR027: A Ritual To Banish Fear
PR028: Republic of Paradise
PR032: Various – Marks Of Provenance – Textures
PR033: Negative Space
PR038: Plastichoir
PR041: Marks of Provenance V
PR042: Aphir – Rhoda
PR045: Aphir – Pomegranate Tree
PR050: Marks of Provenance VI
PR052: Aphir – Pomegranate Tree Remix EP

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