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ARTIST: Kris Keogh

Kris Keogh is an Australian musician and producer from Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory. He is intent making the most beautiful noise possible, any way he can.

Kris’ classical training sits happily at odds with his 18 years in the electronic underground. His well-loved electro-acoustic project, Blastcorp, spawned five albums of everything from “washing machine music to acoustic lovesongs” and led to supports with artists such as Diplo, Mad Professor and Regurgitator. The brief but beautiful collaboration Red Plum And Snow was followed by a hard-left turn into bass music, which saw Kris launch the ZZAAPP Records label and his Laptop Destroyer live persona.

Kris is also a co-founder of Happy Yess, a not-for-profit arts organisation and DIY music venue that exists to support original Darwin music.


PR003: Various – Marks Of Provenance I
PR010: Kris Keogh – Processed Harp Works Volume 2
PR014: Various – Marks Of Provenance II
PR022: Various – Marks Of Provenance III
PR024: Kris Keogh & Endurance – In Autumn

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