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ARTIST: Sandy Hsu

Sandy Hsu is a Melbourne-based singer-songwriter, producer and multidisciplinary artist.
Sandy creates a lyrical world that is articulate, brutally honest, and almost intrusive to listen to. A collection of vivid story telling, her music is saturated with earnest nostalgia, raw sentiments and self-awareness. She is drawn to song-writing through it’s ability to capture fleeting moments in life and immortalise them forever. These personal insights, woven within expansive ambient landscapes and pop melodies have the ability to sound like a dream yet feel like a harsh awakening.
Enamoured with the raw potential of the human voice, she believes that singing is a form of expression that comes closest to being one of the most genuine representations of pure human emotion and feeling. Her work details strongly around femininity, identity, metamorphosis, the human condition and the mundanities of real life.


PR032: Various – Marks Of Provenance – Textures
PR039: Sandy Hsu – Endless Summer
PR041: Marks of Provenance V
PR047: Sandy Hsu – 23
PR048: Sandy Hsu – I’ve Spent My Whole Life Dreaming
PR049: Sandy Hsu – Stranger State

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